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DEVROM® Tablets

(Internal Deodorant)

Have you every had such horrible smelling flatulence that it caused you to limit your social interactions? You will never have to experience that embarrassment again. Deodorize flatulence and stool now with Devrom® chewable tablets. Each tablet contains 200mg bismuth subgallate and can be chewed or swallowed. Tablets are flavored with natural banana flavoring.

Each bottle contains 100 chewable tablets.

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Devrom® (internal deodorant) is an effective and fast acting flatulence deodorizer.It is an easy and innexpensive remedy for intestinal gas odor.

Devrom® is approved by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) to safely and effectively neutralize malodorous flatulence. Devrom® eliminates odor from stool and gas (flatulence) almost immediately. Each dose contains 200mg bismuth subgallate (active ingredient). Devrom® is available without a prescription.

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Take 1 to 2 banana flavored chewable tablets up to four times daily. Not to exceed eight per day. Take as needed.  We recommend that you start by taking one around breakfast, one around lunch and one around dinner.  At this time you should be able to tell whether or not this is a sufficient dose and you may continue to take this daily amount, reduce it, or increase the dosage (not to exceed 8 per day).  Note that the effective dose does vary per person.


  • good stuff

    wonderful product. after gastrict bypass i have uncontrollable gas. devrom has made this problem managable thank you devrom.

    ~ Posted by shirley g. on 12/16/2013

  • A miracle

    After searching for so long i finally found my miracle in Devrom

    ~ Posted by Stella V. on 12/29/2013

  • Great stuff

    Wonderful product, has been very helpful.

    ~ Posted by Marsha on 01/07/2014

  • Wonderful

    I have had to suffer humiliation and self-imposed isolation for years resulting from vile smelling uncontrollable farts and fecal incontinence due to irritable bowel syndrome. I was constantly surrounded by a horrible odor. The entire house stank all the time, and no air-freshener helped at all. I even used to spray a heavy duty odor removing spray on my body and on the inside of my clothing several times a no avail. Although they were very kind about it, my family did not even want to be in the house or car with me. I was told repeatedly by internal medicine doctors and even gastroenterologists that nothing could be done to treat this condition. I accidentally saw a bottle of DEVROM® in the office of a gastric-bypass surgeon and decided to try it. The dosage which is effective for me is three or four capsules twice a day. This dosage was arrived at by trial and error. It has totally freed me from the constant all pervasive stench that I have had to live with for years.

    ~ Posted by L.J. on 01/07/2014

  • Thank you!

    I had gastric bypass surgery almost 6 years ago and I have uncontrollable gas and very horrible gas oder! My husband calls me Flower the skunk from Bambi because of the stench smell! Thanks to Devrom, the smell seems to be gone and I am not as embarrassed to be around people or go places!

    ~ Posted by Janeanne W. on 02/10/2014

  • great

    great stuff

    ~ Posted by jim carr on 03/29/2014

  • Life Saver

    I had an ileostomy operation performed 26 years ago due to uncontrollable ulcerative colitis the odor I had to endure was very depressing. I was told about Devrom by a Pharmacist who himself had had the same operation. I have used Devrom ever since I have been odor free for more than 25 years. This product is amazing.

    ~ Posted by Don J. on 04/27/2014

  • Devrom makes life better

    I had gastric bypass surgery in 2008 and have trouble with unpleasant gas. It is not some-thing I take all the time, but I take it after having spicy food, or something I know that will give me gas (like dairy). It helps when I go to church or in a gathering.

    ~ Posted by Betty C. on 05/06/2014

  • I Love This Product!

    Saved my life when I had an Emergency Colectomy & after a jpouch surgery!! Thanks for making this great product!!

    ~ Posted by Vicky on 07/08/2014

  • Awsome stuff!

    I had a TPC done 41 years ago because of Ulcerative Colitis. For many years I was embarrassed to be around people. Then I found Devrom & everything changed. I take 2 tablets both morning & night and have hardly any noticeable odor. If I forget to take them the odor returns with a vengence. This stuff is great! I only wish insurances would help pay for them as I feel they are medically necessary.

    ~ Posted by Saundra on 09/19/2014

  • A MUST HAVE!!!

    When my Dr. told me about Devrom, I was skeptical to say the least! But to my amazement, it works!!! It was embarrassing to use the bathroom at work, the smell was so offensive! Thank you for making a product that really works and is totally affordable!!!

    ~ Posted by CAROL H. on 09/21/2014

  • Wholly batsmell Robin, a product that works!!!!

    First let me start off I never had a need for such a product until after I had Gastric Bypass. I love my new body just not the new odor. So I tried Devrom aka (as my banana vitamins) and it works. It was trial and error to find out how many I should take daily to control the not so ladylike silent but deadly gas, and discovered 4 daily worked great for me. And definitely take it every day even if the odor goes away, you'll notice immediately that it was working once the odor returns. Thank you Devrom!!!

    ~ Posted by Tina on 10/19/2014



    ~ Posted by ME on 10/21/2014

  • It works!

    Works great! Only product I have found that works!

    ~ Posted by Keith on 12/19/2014

  • Saved my marriage

    I had a gastric bypass 15 years ago and figured the nasty, stanky gas was just the unavoidable trade-off I'd have to endure for the rest of my life. After several nights on the couch, my new husband demanded that I search for a solution. Thank you Devrom!

    ~ Posted by LuAnn B. on 03/01/2015

  • Great product!

    What a great product! I had a ostomy for years. I worried about the smell if I developed a leak. This product really helped.

    ~ Posted by Steven on 04/06/2015

  • Devrom for DS

    I had DS last month. (weight loss surgery.) I was happy for the help with losing weight, but certainly horrified at the smell that was coming out of me. It was so embarrassing at work...and I am single, thinking I would never be dateable. But the Devrom worked. I will be using this product for life! I also appreciate that it is affordable. Thank you for inventing such a great product.

    ~ Posted by Anita D. on 04/19/2015

  • Ostomy surgery

    I have used Devrom for over 30 years and can go to the bathroom where ever I go and not be embarrassed!

    ~ Posted by Barrie Marwood on 06/22/2015

  • great

    best ever

    ~ Posted by wonderful on 08/19/2015

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